Look For This Seal



What’s the seal?

The Certified Independent Seal is a way for indie brewers to wear their independence with pride, while allowing consumers to identify true independent products. In order to display the seal, the brewery needs to be an IBA member, which means it has less than 20% foreign ownership, and produces fewer than 40 million litres of beer each year. It’s a great way to identify Australian breweries that support jobs and a diverse marketplace. 

Where to find it? 

Look for the seal on beer labels and packaging. You’ll usually find it near the ingredients on the packaging. You can also check your favourite brewery's website too.

Remember to also keep an eye out for it in your local bottle shop, pub, or brewery. You’ll find it on shelves, taps, and posters. We are always rolling out new ways for breweries to show off their indie credentials, but if you can’t see it next time you buy a drink, make sure to Ask For Indie Beer.

Indie Beer in Fridge
Look for indie beer in your local bottle

How to support your local indie brewers 

  1. Shop Direct: There are independent breweries popping up all over Australia and there’s no better way to show support than buying from them directly. 
  2. Buy Online: A lot of indie breweries have created online stores in reaction to the COVID crisis and it's a great way to support them, with the added bonus of great beer delivered right  to your door. You can also find 
  3. Shop Indie Bottle Shops: Indie Bottle shops are a huge part of our industry and the staff love Indie Beer as much as you. Next time you’re in, make sure to Ask for Indie Beer
  4. Visit Supporter Venues: Every venue signed up to support indie beer is doing it because they love great beer and we all know there are few things better than a chat with friends or a good pub feed, alongside an Indie Beer!
  5. Tell your mates: We all love sharing a beer, so next time you support indie grab one for a mate or take them to an event. They probably love indie beer, even if they don’t know it yet. 

Indie Beer Selfies
Share indie beer with your mates

Don’t be fooled, that’s not indie 

These days bottle shops and pubs are flooded with beers dressed up to look small-batch or made by small companies, while these multinational owners keep buying smaller players and sending their profits offshore. The Certified Independent Seal is designed to give you the power to know the product you are buying isn’t owned by a foreign multinational. Check the bottle or can for the Seal, keep an eye out for it at bars and bottle shops, or search the IBA member directory.  When you see it attached to a product, be assured that your money is contributing to our diverse market, jobs for Australians, and your local economy.